Hello Beautiful Lady

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I’m Ruth Oshikanlu, award-winning Pregnancy Mindset Expert.  I’m a qualified, trained and nationally recognised expert in midwifery, health visiting and parenting; with a private practice in London’s Harley Street. I work with clients to eliminate anxiety, fear and stress around their pregnancy so that they can bond with their baby, remain pregnant and importantly enjoy the experience.

I’m also author of Tune In To Your Baby: Because Babies Don’t Come With An Instruction Manual – a guide to parenting from conception onward.  For over two decades I’ve had the privilege and honour of supporting thousands of women at all stages of their parenting journey from conception through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

My expertise lies in helping women with:

  • Understanding the importance of connecting with their baby from the outset
  • Understanding their role in providing their baby with the optimal environment for growth in utero
  • Evidence based tools and strategies needed to reduce stress and anxiety in pregnancy giving them a better chance of remaining pregnant and carry their babies to term
  • Feeling supported during this important but sensitive time because I understand what they are going through

“As a first time pregnant woman, I was terrified.  I lacked confidence in my ability.  I had crazy thoughts running through my head.  I had loads of doubts.  Even though I had lots of family support around me, I felt isolated.

To have someone offering me support outside my family was priceless.  Ruth is so sensitive and non-judgemental.  She offered wonderful perspective and made me believe I could carry my baby to term.  And I did!  I’m a proud mother of a beautiful baby girl”

Sarah Linton

My Purpose

My soul purpose is to help you be the mother you’ve always wanted to be, regardless of your pregnancy history.

I’ve made it my life’s work to be of service to women like you, who have the usual worries of any mum-to-be but due to your pregnancy history may be especially fearful of losing this pregnancy.

I’m passionate about empowering you to take back control, channel with your inner strength and be fully engaged in the amazing experience of growing, nurturing and bringing your child into the world.

Fear-Free Healthy Pregnancy

I believe every woman deserves to have a fear-free healthy pregnancy

Sadly, we both know firsthand this isn’t the reality for every mum-to-be. For every woman who has a blissful experience there is another whose experience isn’t quite as straight forward.

You’ve been through a rollercoaster of emotions since discovering you’re pregnant and despite wanting to believe everything will run smoothly this time you can’t help but worry. You’re scared to love your baby ‘just in case’.

What should be the happiest time of your life is a time of fear and anxiety. You’ve probably heard a hundred times that ‘stress isn’t good for the baby’. If only it were that simple to stay positive. I’ve been there.

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