baby-239062_640When we are pregnant our focus is usually on what is happening during the pregnancy; how our body is changing and if baby is healthy and growing well. This is then replaced by our thoughts around the actual act of giving birth to our baby. Baby has then arrived and, the one thing we often forget to do… is actually prepare for mummyhood!

Here are three simple strategies to help you prepare for the arrival of your baby.

Ditch the stress

Worry is not good for pregnancy, so take time during your maternity leave to practice relaxation techniques. Take care of yourself and your baby by staying as relaxed and calm as possible.

If there are other things that are stressful to you, such as managing the finances or looking after relatives or pets, see if you can get someone else to take ownership of that task, or at least help take on some of the responsibility.

Stock up

To save rushing around once baby is here, stock up on essentials for your new arrival. Make sure you have plenty of nappies, baby wipes and clothing for the little one, and pack your hospital bag sooner, rather than later.

It’s also a good idea to stock up the freezer with quick and healthy meals. If you can prepare and cook them fresh, rather than buying instant ready meals, this will ensure they’re healthy and more cost effective for you.

Get mentally prepared

Having a new addition to your family is a big life change to go through. Take the time now to fully understand how your life is going to change. If you’re used to working full time, have you considered how you will feel about being home? What worries and concerns do you have about being a mother? Discuss them with someone and get answers before your baby arrives.

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