My Precious Pregnancy

A VIP experience for women in their first or second trimester of pregnancy.

Blissful Birth

A VIP experience for women who are in their final trimester of pregnancy.

Happy Mama, Happy Baby

A 1-to-1 three month postnatal care package for new mums.


Group workshops for up to 8 couples.

Work With Me

If you’ve become pregnant through assisted conception, have previously lost a pregnancy or suffered multiple miscarriages, it’s only natural for you to have fears about the outcome of this pregnancy. After everything you’ve been through to get to this point you’re delighted to be pregnant, and naturally, are worried things may not go to plan.

Stress, fear and anxiety can all be passed on to your baby and is proven to increase the risk of pre-term labour among other problems after birth. As a mum, you want to do everything in your power to protect your baby from the start and minimise any risk to his health. It is for this reason I created three programmes, especially for women like you.

While no-one can predict the future, worrying about what may happen won’t help you or your precious baby. Whatever your history, you deserve to enjoy your pregnancy as much as any other mum-to-be.


The key to growing a happy and healthy foetus is to ensure that the womb environment and experience is optimal for your baby’s growth.

Hope Is A Powerful Medicine That Isn’t Prescribed Often Enough!

Your pregnancy should be a beautiful, magical and exciting experience. My job is to work with you to equip you with the tools needed to manage anxiety, fear and stress so you can focus on remaining pregnant, tune into yourself and your baby and feel safe to bond with the precious life growing inside. You will feel supported every step of the way on your journey into motherhood.

Recent advances in neuroscience show there is a correlation between mother’s mental health, early brain development and outcomes later in life. A happy mum makes for a happy baby!

The tools and strategies I share with you will serve you for a lifetime and can be used throughout your parenting journey.

This is my life’s work! So you can be confident that working with me, you will be in safe hands.

What You Should Know

Before we work together there are a few things you should know about me.

  • I absolutely love the colour purple
  • My glass is never half full, it’s overflowing
  • I love to laugh – heartily
  • I’m very intuitive and can often hear what’s left unsaid
  • If there is a way to make something happen, I’ll be sure to find it.
  • I never take no for an answer

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