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You CAN Enjoy Your Pregnancy Without Fear

  • Have you become pregnant through IVF or other assisted conception?
  • Have you previously lost a pregnancy?
  • Are you scared you may lose your pregnancy?

You need help in managing your stress levels, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm so you can focus on enjoying a healthy pregnancy.

I Can Help You Get To That Place

I’m Ruth Oshikanlu, an award-winning pregnancy mindset coach with over 22 years of professional experience supporting thousands of women from conception through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

I am fully DBS checked, working with women to eliminate anxiety, fear and stress around their pregnancy so that they can bond with their baby, remain pregnant and importantly enjoy the experience.

Need To Talk?

Book a 30 minute Discovery Session

  • Feel less overwhelmed and anxious about your pregnancy
  • Get answers to your questions from a trained professional
  • Understand the importance of connecting with your baby from the start
  • Learn to trust in your ability to do what’s best for you and your baby at every stage
  • Enjoy your transition into motherhood and the journey beyond!

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