Motherhood especially in the 21st century brings with it many challenges. There is so much conflicting advice on parenting with everyone professing to be an expert. You probably wished that you baby came with manual.

Well, your wishes have come true!

Tune In To Your Baby is a toolkit that you can use to create your personal baby manual so that you can connect with your baby, ascertain his/her needs and enjoy parenting him/her from conception to toddlerhood. Whatever your baby’s age, you can learn how to parent with ease by working through the book.

Read through the book as your baby grows, complete the work sheets to create your baby manual and apply what you learn as you will enjoy being a mum only by taking action.

Pregnant women and mums who have read the book and taken action to apply what they read have reported that Tune In To Your Baby lessened the feeling of parenthood being a journey into the unknown and gaining insightful information to use in their lives with their babies. They found that The Baby Manual inspired them to challenge their assumptions and take action rather than just reading the book.

Reading the book helps mums form tighter bonds with their babies and makes it easier to thrive.

Tune in to your baby book

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Customer Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed Ruth’s book. What I really like about the book is that it comes from the heart. It’s a unique blend of a mum’s perspective with lots of wise wisdom from a health professional who has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to share. It is full of practical advice and information that is so crucial for new parents to know.

Reading this book will help you form tighter bonds with your baby and make those first few months that are so tough emotionally and physically so much easier. I will be recommending this book to all new parents.

Helen Turier

Ex-Miltary Nurse, Business Owner and Author , Mother of 3 - Including Twins

Ruth has a unique perspective as a mother and health visitor which gives this book a perfect balance of personal experience, theory and genuinely practical advice on pregnancy through to parenting. As a new mother myself, this book lessened the feeling of parenthood being a journey into the unknown, and gave me insightful information to use in my life with my baby.

The appendix, My Baby Manual, inspired me to keep challenging my own assumptions, and to take action rather than just read the book. I recommend the book to anyone thinking of having a baby, parents-to-be, and new parents.

Joanne Caddy

Mother of 1

Ruth, I really enjoyed reading your book and sharing your experiences. I just wish I had read it years ago! It is so practical and reassuring. By sharing your learning it will make a huge difference to mothers of all ages and backgrounds. For me the message throughout “seeing things through your baby’s eyes” comes across really clearly and is a useful tip. It made me realise that my time with my midwife was very much focused on the physical aspects and never covered any of these practical measures on how to cope. It was helpful thinking about the baby’s delivery and experience of birth and how it is so important to make those bonds early with skin-to-skin contact etc.

The best thing is that you continue to deliver the same messages of being mindful throughout and for the reader your personal messages are really powerful.

Lucy Clement

District Nurse, Mother of 2

Professional Review

Book review by Community Practioner magazine

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