When you become pregnant it is inevitable that your body is going to go through various changes. This can be quite a difficult thing to accept – not only because you are going from an individual “me” to an “us” – but also because we get unnerved by change itself.

Change also brings along a different range of emotions; and in pregnancy those emotional ranges can be wide! Hormones can take over and take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions – from fear and anticipation, through to frustration and excitement.

The thing with being pregnant is change is inevitable. You cannot stop it, no matter if you want to or not, and no matter how hard you try. Your body is going through changes in its physical appearance and, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing – if you get your perception and thoughts right, ahead of time.

Practice self-care

Take time to be with you and your changing body. Eat well and ensure you go to all your pre-natal check-ups. Listen to music, read or have a bath.

Get support

Don’t be afraid to reach out for support. Let your partner know how you are feeling. Share with him your concerns or anticipations about becoming a parent – the chance are he’s feeling the same. Spend time with other mums-to-be who are going through the same changes.

Remind yourself that change is inevitable 

As your body is changing during pregnancy – it is also going to change once your baby has arrived.

Focus on the positives

What are the changes happening for? What opportunities does this change mean for you? What will it enable you to do? Who are you going to become? Focus on the positive ahead of you.

Finally, get out of your own head. Focus more on your body and your baby, and less on all the thoughts, fears and worries running around in your head!


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