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Do you know how you’re going to mentally prepare for the birth of your child? Are you mentally prepared for both the birth and the healing process afterwards? Follow these three simple strategies to ensure your birth story is a positive one!


Visualisation is a power tool to use during pregnancy and child birth. Obviously you want the best birth possible for both you and your baby, so it makes sense to keep your focus on that perfect end goal.

Make visualisation part of your daily routine during pregnancy. Imagine your best possible end result; don’t be afraid to add emotion to it and use all your senses. If you’re opting for a drug-free natural birth, see this happening perfectly. Imagine yourself and everyone around you being calm, serene and surrounded with love.


Once you have delivered your baby it is normal to reflect on the experience – so take the time to do this. Reflect on what happened during childbirth and the associated emotions and feelings.

This is particularly important if things didn’t quite go to plan – as we can all too easily end up with regrets and guilt over what wasn’t meant to be. Maybe you wanted a drug-free birth – but ended up on everything that was offered or needed at the time. By taking time to reflect on this, you will be giving yourself time to acknowledge the thoughts and emotions behind it.


Once you have acknowledged those thoughts and emotions, it’s time to heal – both physically and emotionally. Write down any negativity around the event and emotions you experienced. If you felt guilt; was it REALLY something you were responsible for – or are you taking ownership of something you had no real control over? For example, was the baby in distress, so medical staff had to speed things along? Were you not dilating enough to enable a natural birth, so a C-Section was needed? Did your labour go on for far longer than anyone expected?

As you’d expect to give yourself time to physically heal, you also need to expect the emotional healing to take some time too. Take the time to bond with your baby and to sit back and stare in wonder at the miracle you have created and given birth too. Sometimes the journey itself can have unexpected detours, twists and turns – and it may even last a LOT longer than we have grown to expect it to take – but the end result is totally worth the trip!

Do you find visualisation helps you prepare for your child’s birth? Maybe you’ve already had your child and are now looking to heal, both physically and mentally? How has the healing strategy helped you? Why not share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below?

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