birth-399548_640Your baby is taking in the sights around them right from day one. Their lifelong journey of learning starts the minute they are born and, although the first few weeks or sight are fuzzy, your baby’s view of the world will be teaching them some important lessons. So how can you ensure their world is a positive and enjoyable one?

Whether your child is newborn or at toddler stage, understanding their perspective is essential if you want to help them learn about the world at large. These three strategies work well with both baby and toddler… and will ensure they feel loved and appreciated.

Their feelings matter

Let your child know their feelings matter. Feelings are our body’s guidance system and should be listened to, no matter what gender your child is. Whether they are demonstrating unhappiness or happiness, show you acknowledge their emotions. Pick them up, cuddle them and talk gently to them. Show them that feelings and emotions are something important and worth noticing.

Make eye contact

Your baby can see colours and shapes, albeit fuzzy ones, from the moment they’re born. Their focus is best when the object of their attention is about a foot away… roughly the same distance as your face when cuddling baby. Spend this time making eye contact with your baby, making a connection and emotional bond with them.

If your child is a toddler, don’t make them continuously look up at everyone. Get down on their level when they’re talking to you, so you can easily make eye contact.

Give them your attention

It can be all too easy to think a baby’s gurgles and coos are just cute noises. In reality, they are learning to communicate with you so, give them your attention! Interact with them and have a baby conversation. Wait for them to go quiet before you repeat the sound back to them. Try varying the pitch and tone too. If they have your attention, you’ll be making eye contact and showing them you’re acknowledging their feelings anyway… so you’ll already be on a communication and appreciative winner.

When your toddler is chatting non-stop it can be all too easy to switch off and ignore them… but don’t! Show them you value and care for them, by giving them your undivided attention too.

By taking the time to show your child how important and acknowledged they are now, you’ll be setting a positive example that will stay with them in later life – one that they can continue to nurture in all the different types of relationships they may have.

What are your thoughts around today’s post? How do you ensure you’re setting a positive perspective on life for your child? What one strategy can you implement to boost your child’s view of the world? Why not share your thoughts and strategies in the comment section below?

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