• Your Pregnancy journey so far
  • Physiology of labour and childbirth
  • How To Think: Your Thoughts affect the outcome of labour and childbirth
  • How to Tune In To Your Baby: Tune In To Your Baby model (4‑step approach)
  • Birth planning and preparing for labour and childbirth
  • Mapping your Blissful Birth
  • Putting it into practice
  • Serene and Soulful Mama
  • Preparing for Life with a Baby)
  • What if? (When things don’t go to plan)

By the end of the day you will:

  • Have a full understanding of the labour and birthing process
  • How to manage your thoughts and use evidence to make decisions during your labour
  • Have mapped your Blissful Birth plan

Have an understanding of how life will be for you with your new baby

Every mum is different, so the aim is to work together to craft a personalised action plan, giving your baby the best start in life. A follow up consultation will take place via Skype within a month.

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