• Tune your mindset to influence your body
  • Get your mindset right – create the right mental and physical condition for conception
  • How to use your mind to increase their likelihood of successful conception
  • How to eliminate the common barriers to conception- anxiety and fear
  • Learn how to process, manage and overcome anxiety, fear and stress – all inhibitors of successful conception
  • Confident parent-in-waiting – knowing that you are doing what works for you


By the end of the day you will:

  • Feel less overwhelmed and anxious about the prospect of getting pregnant
  • Understand the importance of loving and connecting with your baby from the start
  • Have gained confidence in your ability to do what’s best for you and your baby at every stage of your pregnancy
  • Have clarity on your ideals as a parent in a sea of information
  • Be armed with effective tools and strategies to enable you to enjoy the process and  your eventual transition into motherhood

You (and your partner) will be fully supported through this learning process in a group setting to enable you to enjoy the pregnancy and increase the likelihood of you carrying to term.

Lunch – The menu will be been designed with a fertility nutritionist to ensure that you are provided with a meal that supports your nutritional needs*. If you are already working with a nutritionist we will ensure lunch is tailored to your needs

*Please inform us upon booking of any personal dietary requirements

Post event

Further support via private Facebook group

Total investment: £197

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